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To provide high quality painted finishes, generating an added value to our customers through  our services and to support them in the business attraction to the region

History: Paintings Application powder
Aplitec started operations in January 2001. Since then we have satisfied our customers requirements through the high quality painted services we offer; being the main one powder coating. We have provided services in a continuous way to the electronic industry, principally across the big companies located in Guadalajara. We have produced parts for highly recognize brands such as: DELL, ECHOSTAR, IBM, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, among others.

Also we have provided services to the metal mechanic industry and the automotive industry, within our customers there are prestigious companies like Tesa-Yale locks, IDDEA, among others

Through this time and base in the provided services we have managed to obtain the recognition and satisfaction of our customers, positioning us as a highly reliable supplier